Manga Elements Pack (Vol. 1)

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Time to power up. Manga Elements Pack (Vol. 1) is a collab with fellow merch designer and illustrator Carol Aldrighi.

Carol has designed for everyone from John Mayer to Mariah Carey, Fleetwood Mac to Prince and many others. Her work can be found online, in stores and on tour.

Manga Elements Pack (Vol. 1) contains 24 unique, high-resolution manga inspired graphics in both PNG and PDF (Vector) format. BONUS 5-pack of patterns also included.

  • 01 - Serious Eyes
  • 02- Cute Eyes
  • 03 - Sad Eyes
  • 04 - Cute Face
  • 05 - Kitsune
  • 06 - Kitsune Variant
  • 07 - Speedlines
  • 08 - Rectangle Speedlines
  • 09 - Eye
  • 10 - Sakura
  • 11 - Face (Black Eyes)
  • 12 - Face (No Eyes)
  • 13 - Face (White Eyes)
  • 14 - Hands
  • 15 - Koi Fish
  • 16 - Kiss
  • 17 - Hand & Card
  • 18 - Hand
  • 19 - Angry Fist
  • 20 - Cellphone
  • 21 - Phone
  • 22 - Waves
  • 23 - Shape I
  • 24 - Shape II

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🛠️ Full Toolkit: Get all your design needs met in one place. No more hunting for assets across different sources.

💎 Professional Quality: High-quality assets that exceed industry standards, perfect for both beginners and seasoned designers.

🌐 Versatility: Not just for t-shirts! Use these assets for a wide range of design projects, from album art and posters to social media and events.

💰 Cost-Effective: Save hundreds by investing in a bundle. Your wallet will thank you.

🤝 Instructional Videos Included: This bundle comes with instructional videos, hosted by FULLERMOE, to help guide you along. In addition, our Customer Support Team ( can be reached at any time.


What is the difference between the Master Bundle and Master Bundle Deluxe? Both bundles contain over 1400 design tools, however the Deluxe version also includes: Lifetime Access (which means you get all future drops FREE), pre-made design templates, Font Files eBook, freelance legal templates and a few more goodies!

Will this work for Procreate, Affinity, Corel, etc? Some will! However, the majority of these kits were created specifically with Photoshop in mind. Please read the product description to ensure it will be suitable for your needs.

Can I use this on my tablet or mobile device? We do not recommend that, for a couple reasons. One, the file is very large and will most likely not fit on a tablet or mobile device. Two, Photoshop is very different on table or mobile. For that reason, many of the products will not work properly. We highly recommend only using on laptop or desktop.

How big is the file? Remember, this thing is PACKED with design tools - so it's pretty big! As of now, the Master Bundle comes in at 13 GB. That means you'll need a good internet connection and plenty of storage. Trust us, it's worth it!

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