I'm unable to install (insert preset file)! Please help!

All of the presets available on this website include instructional videos on how to install and use in Photoshop. Please watch these before reaching out for support.

Will these presets work for software other than Photoshop?

No, all of the presets on this website were made specifically for Adobe Photoshop 2015 or later.

Will these presets work on an iPad or other tablet?

No, all of the presets on this website were made specifically for use on laptop or desktops.

Are these presets and tools compatible with PC?

Yes! As long as you have Adobe Photoshop, they will work.

Hey, my download link expired. Can you please send another one?

Yes, as long as you provide your order number, you can reach out to support@fullermoe.com and get a new link.

Will you be releasing any more freebies in the near future?

Yes! Sign up for the mailing list to hear about any new freebies that drop in the future.

Can I use these presets, textures and t-shirt mockups to design and sell bootleg shirts?

DO NOT sell designs containing copyrighted imagery or logos of any kind. It is illegal and you will more than likely receive a cease and desist from the copyright holders and face possible legal action. Again, DO NOT sell anything that contains imagery that you do not have the proper licensing for.

How can I get in touch with Fuller?

For all business related inquiries, contact fuller@fuller.moe. For anything personal, feel free to DM on Instagram - @fuller.moe

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