1. Will these tools and presets work with other design programs such as Affinity, Procreate, Illustrator, etc?

Yes and no. Read below!

All of the products on FULLERMOE are intended to be used in Adobe Photoshop (preferably the newest version) or Adobe Illustrator, depending on which kit you're looking at. Please read the description for each product to better understand its intended use.

That being said, many of packs can be used with alternative design programs. For example, many of the Element packs contain PNG files and thus can be used in almost any design software.

2. Do you have any instructional videos showing how to use and install these design tools?

Yes! You can check out those videos here.

3. Will these design tools and presets work on my iPad or tablet?

At this time, no. The Photoshop app is completely different on iPad versus desktop or laptop so most if not all of the tools are not compatible on tablets. Hoping Adobe makes an update soon on this.

4. When will I receive my downloads?

After completing your order you will have the option to download directly from your browser (laptop or desktop only). You will also receive download links to your email immediately after purchase.

5. Do these packs come with t-shirts?

No, I don't sell t-shirts. They are digital products for Adobe Photoshop.

6. What's the deal with using copyrighted images and photos of famous people? I wanna sell t-shirts.

There are so many ways to be creative that don't require using photos of famous people that you don't own or have permission to use. I wouldn't recommend selling any t-shirts with athletes, artists, celebrities, etc on them.

7. Can I send my downloads to other people? My friends are designers too.

No, sharing your login or downloads is strictly forbidden. If the design tools are specifically for work or your team, please reach out to help@fullermoe.com so that we can advise. Sharing of login and downloads is monitored via location and access will be revoked should you violate this policy.

8. Can you tutor me?

Check out my YouTube channel. You'll find hours of design tutorials and other related content and it's all free. :) My DM's are always open too for questions.

9. What's the best method for printing t-shirts?

I always recommend screen printing and do it locally if possible. It really depends on your budget. Screen printing is the most expensive option but is the best quality in my opinion. Next is direct-to-garment. Make a post on Facebook and Instagram asking for local recommendations for screen printers.

10. How can I get in contact with you? There's a problem with my order or I have a question!

If you have any issues with installing or using the presets, PLEASE first read through the READ ME installation file included with all the products and follow the directions. If you're still having issues or have questions, DM me on Instagram (usually fastest) or email help@fullermoe.com