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Includes 1400+ design tools and presets. Used By: MA®KET, Hall Of Fame, Gucci Mane, Cash Money, Juice WRLD, Fashion Nova and many others.
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With over 1400 design tools and presets, the Master Bundle is a must-have for any clothing brand, designer or t-shirt enthusiast. There's a reason it's the #1 T-Shirt Design Bundle On The Planet.

You can achieve 10x better results with these time-saving tools used to create graphics for platinum selling artists and renowned brands worldwide. The Master Bundle instant download gives you access to a staggering 1400+ design tools and presets with over 50 unique graphic kits.

With this extensive collection at your fingertips, your creative possibilities are limitless.

What's included:

One-Click Text Style Packs ($525 Value): Easy to install and use Photoshop presets that instantly transform your text or logos in seconds.

  1. 90s NBA Text Styles Pack (Vol. 1)

  2. 90s NFL Text Styles Pack (Vol. 1)

  3. 90s Pro Wrestling Text Styles Pack (Vol. 1)

  4. 90s Pro Wrestling Text Styles Pack (Vol. 2)

  5. Acid Trip Text Styles Pack (Vol. 1)

  6. Acid Trip Text Styles Pack (Vol. 2)

  7. Airbrush Text Styles Pack (Vol. 1)

  8. Airbrush Text Styles Pack (Vol. 2)

  9. Bootleg Bling Text Styles Pack (Vol. 1)

  10. Bootleg Bling Text Styles Pack (Vol. 2)

  11. Bootleg Rap Text Styles Pack (Vol. 1)

  12. Bootleg Rap Text Styles Pack (Vol. 2)

  13. Classic Rock Text Styles Pack (Vol. 1)

  14. Fright Night Text Styles Pack (Vol. 1)

  15. Heavy Metal Text Styles Pack (Vol. 1)

  16. Heavy Metal Text Styles Pack (Vol. 2)

  17. Hyper Bling Text Styles Pack (Vol. 1)

  18. Hyper Chrome Text Styles Pack (Vol. 1)

  19. Bucks 2021 NBA Champs Text Styles Pack

  20. NASCAR Text Styles Pack (Vol.1 )

  21. Y2K Text Rave. Text Styles Pack (Vol. 1)

High-Resolution Apparel Mockup Kits ($200 Value): Present your designs like a pro with the best apparel mockups available. Used by the biggest brands on the internet.

  1. Champion Leisurewear Mockups Pack (Vol. 1)

  2. LAA Garment Dyed T-Shirt Mockup Pack

  3. Rue Porter Luxury Mockup Kits (Vol. 1)

  4. Shaka Wear Streetwear Essentials Mockup Kit

  5. Streetwear Brand Mockups Kit

  6. Streetwear Vector Mockups (Vol. 1)

  7. Streetwear Vector Mockups (Vol. 2)

  8. Vintage T-Shirt Mockup Kit

Pre-Made High-Resolution Element & Design Packs ($475 Value): Curated by talented illustrators and designers, these graphics are ready to be incorporated into your designs seamlessly.

  1. 90s Vintage Basketball Elements (Vol. 1)

  2. Airbrush Elements & Brush Kit (Vol. 1)

  3. Airbrush Elements & Brush Kit (Vol. 2)

  4. Bootleg Shirt Creator Pack (Vol. 1)

  5. Fever Dream Designs Pack (Vol. 1)

  6. Future Doom Elements Pack (Vol. 1)

  7. Future Doom Elements Pack (Vol. 2)

  8. Handdrawn Horror Elements (Vol. 1)

  9. Handdrawn Horror Elements (Vol. 2)

  10. Manga Elements Pack (Vol. 1)

  11. NASCAR Elements Pack (Vol. 1)

  12. Punk Ain’t Dead Handdrawn Elements Pack (Vol. 1)

  13. Scatterbrained Sketch Pack (Vol. 1)

  14. Scatterbrained Sketch Pack (Vol. 2)

  15. Vintage Flowers & Fruit Elements (Vol. 1)

  16. Vintage Horror Elements (Vol. 1)

  17. Vintage Horror Elements (Vol. 2)

  18. Y2K Elements Pack (Vol. 1) Y2K Elements Pack (Vol. 2)

Photoshop One-Click Actions ($75 Value): Transform your photos effortlessly with our collection of one-click Photoshop actions.

  1. 90s Vintage Actions Pack (Vol. 1)

  2. Airbrush Portrait Actions Pack (Vol. 1)

  3. Autometal Actions Pack (Vol. 1)

High-Resolution Vintage Textures: ($50 Value): Add an extra layer to your designs with our best-selling vintage textures. You can use these to create authentic, throwback style designs.

  1. Vintage Textures (Vol. 1)

  2. Vintage Textures (Vol. 2)

Master Bundle Deluxe (with USB card) includes all of the above plus the following value:

Lifetime Access ($600 value): Receive every new FULLERMOE product at no additional charge, for life.

Photoshop T-Shirt Design 101 Course ($250 Value): Learn the tips, tricks, and techniques to master t-shirt design using Photoshop. Our comprehensive mini-course empowers you with the knowledge to create impactful designs from scratch.

Ultimate Bootleg Templates ($250 Value): 10 premade, layered and fully editable Photoshop (.PSD) files created by FULLERMOE

Ultimate Airbrush Templates ($250 Value): 10 premade, layered and fully editable Photoshop (.PSD) files created by FULLERMOE

FONT FILES (The Secret Sauce Behind My Best Selling Designs) eBook ($16 value): Unlock the exact fonts I've used to create graphics that have sold millions.

FULLERMOE Private Creative Community Facebook Group ($64/mo value): Network and get feedback on your graphics. Get inside information and tips from FULLERMOE as well as direct feedback.

Photoshop Quick Keys Cheatsheet ($25 Value): Save time and streamline your workflow with our essential Quick Keys Cheatsheet. Unlock the power of shortcuts and navigate Photoshop like a pro.

Freelance Design Contract Templates ($25 Value): If you're ready to take your design skills to the professional realm, our Freelance Design Contract Templates are indispensable. Ensure seamless collaborations with clients and protect your rights with these expertly crafted contract templates.

Take your design journey to the next level with the Master Bundle and unleash its amazing power. Grab this chance to join industry leaders and discover your true potential. Don't wait any longer – get this collection today and see how it revolutionizes your t-shirt designs!


⚡️ Instant Download: Your purchase will be delivered immediately via digital download and you can access at any time.

🛠️ Full Toolkit: Get all your design needs met in one place. No more hunting for assets across different sources.

💎 Professional Quality: High-quality assets that exceed industry standards, perfect for both beginners and seasoned designers.

🌐 Versatility: Not just for t-shirts! Use these assets for a wide range of design projects, from album art and posters to social media and events.

💰 Cost-Effective: Save hundreds by investing in a bundle. Your wallet will thank you.

🤝 Instructional Videos Included: This bundle comes with instructional videos, hosted by FULLERMOE, to help guide you along. In addition, our Customer Support Team ( can be reached at any time.


What is the difference between the Master Bundle and Master Bundle Deluxe? Both bundles contain over 1400 design tools, however the Deluxe version also includes: Lifetime Access (which means you get all future drops FREE), pre-made design templates, Font Files eBook, freelance legal templates and a few more goodies!

Will this work for Procreate, Affinity, Corel, etc? Some will! However, the majority of these kits were created specifically with Photoshop in mind. Please read the product description to ensure it will be suitable for your needs.

Can I use this on my tablet or mobile device? We do not recommend that, for a couple reasons. One, the file is very large and will most likely not fit on a tablet or mobile device. Two, Photoshop is very different on table or mobile. For that reason, many of the products will not work properly. We highly recommend only using on laptop or desktop.

How big is the file? Remember, this thing is PACKED with design tools - so it's pretty big! As of now, the Master Bundle comes in at 13 GB. That means you'll need a good internet connection and plenty of storage. Trust us, it's worth it!

Can I access my downloads at any time? Yes! Simply create and login to your account to access your content. If you exceed your download limit (10) you will receive a message. Simply reach out to and you'll be taken care of.


I took my 10+ years of designing official graphics for the biggest artists on the planet and poured it into a collection of powerful, easy-to-use tools called the Master Bundle.

These tools have allowed me and thousands of others to speed up the design process while maintaining a high level of professionalism and creativity.

Ready to level up your graphics?


Back by popular demand! Many customers were looking an easy way to store their Master Bundle purchase, so I solved it by introducing a custom USB card. Included in every Deluxe purchase and delivered to your door. Also great for travel!


Highly recommended for all designers! The Master Bundle gave me all tools neccessary to upgrade my game.

Nick L, Verified Customer

Definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to get into shirt designs! The tools that FULLERMOE provides has made my design process 1000x more enjoyable!

Samuel C, Verified Customer

I've been purchasing from FULLERMOE since he started selling graphic assets. It has taken my designs to another level.

Whitney R, Verified Customer