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Mega Bundle (Vol. 1) is a collection of 125 unique design tools and presets. With a total of 10 packs and kits, Mega Bundle (Vol. 1) includes essential tools for creating your next fire graphic.

1. Airbrush Elements & Brush Set (Vol. 1)

Back at it with a follow-up for my Airbrush Text Styles Pack (Vol. 1)! This kit contains 25 unique, airbrush style elements for your next flea market banger.

Airbrush Elements & Brush Kit (Vol. 1) includes all graphics in 15" x 15" PNG format with transparent background as well as easy-to-install and use brush set. Simply drag the .ABR file to the Photoshop icon and it's good to go.

I've also included a free script font to try out with this kit (I recommend using the accompanying Text Style Pack on it).

You can also try out these free fonts with this pack: Memphis, Billion Dreams, Blacksword, Hunters

2. Bootleg Bling Text Styles Pack (Vol. 1)

Takin' over for the 99 and 2000. Bootleg Bling Text Styles Pack (Vol. 1) contains 15 unique presets inspired by Pen & Pixel era graphics. This pack is loaded with fire, diamonds, gold and silver.

Text Style Packs are the fastest and easiest way to experiment with your text or graphics. Simply drag the ASL file to the Photoshop icon and it's ready to use.

3. Bootleg Rap Text Styles Pack (Vol. 1)

Inspired by vintage rap shirts from the late 80s and 90s, I created Bootleg Rap Text Styles Pack (Vol. 1). The pack contains 15 unique presets, each of which is based on authentic bootleg styles from that era.

Text Style Packs are the fastest and easiest way to experiment with your text or graphics. Simply drag the ASL file to the Photoshop icon and it's ready to use.

Watch a short video on installing and using Text Style Packs below. 

4. Autometal Actions Pack (Vol. 1)

Run to the hills! Autometal Actions Pack is a transformative tool that will instantly edit your logos or text to create a gnarly, metal inspired graphic.

With a total of 20 premium Photoshop actions, this pack can elevate your graphics while maintaining creative control and experimentation via Live Edit.

Step-by-step installation and instructional video included.

5. Heavy Metal Text Styles Pack (Vol. 1)

A total of 21 styles and variations that instantly transform your plain text into 80s inspired, heavy metal graphics. Simply drag the downloaded file to the Photoshop icon and it’s ready to use.

The Heavy Metal Text Style Pack (Vol. 1) is packed with gnarly glows, metallic and gold chrome, bloody grunge textures and of course wouldn't be complete without lightning.

6. Vintage T-Shirt Mockup Kit

Custom, boxy style t-shirt mockup perfect for any bootleg or vintage design.

Colors include Black, Vintage Black and Super Vintage Black. The mockup features worked-in stitching details to give a thrift/vintage feel. Also included are muscle t-shirt options.

These high resolution files are layered, allowing for a transparent or any color background.

Download includes 6 files:

  • Front + Back T-Shirt (2400 pixels x 4800 pixels) 300 DPI
  • Front T-Shirt (2400 pixels x 2400 pixels) 300 DPI
  • Back T-Shirt (2400 pixels x 2400 pixels) 300 DPI
  • Front + Back Muscle Shirt (2400 pixels x 4800 pixels) 300 DPI
  • Front Muscle Shirt (2400 pixels x 2400 pixels) 300 DPI
  • Back Muscle Shirt (2400 pixels x 2400 pixels) 300 DPI

    7. Vintage Textures (Vol. 1)

    If you're trying to catch a vintage vibe, a good texture can be everything. These are the exact textures I've used to create t-shirts for iconic artists like Wu-Tang Clan, Nirvana, Iron Maiden, Ozzy Osbourne and many others.

    Download includes:

    • 01 - Vintage Dusty Chunks
    • 02 - Vintage Dusty Streaks
    • 03 - Vintage Wood
    • 04 - Vintage Medium Denim
    • 05 - Vintage Soft Grunge
    • 06 - Vintage Sparse Grunge
    • 07 - Vintage Plastisol
    • 08 - Vintage Rough Wall
    • 09 - Vintage Metal Scratches
    • 10 - Vintage Speckled Grunge
    • 11 - Vintage Super Dust
    • 12 - Vintage Vertical Streaks
    • 13 - Vintage Fabric
    • 14 - Vintage Vertical Grain
    • 15 - Vintage Crackle

    8. 90s NFL Text Styles Pack (Vol. 1)

    Are you ready for some football? 90s NFL Text Styles Pack (Vol. 1) is a collection of Photoshop presets that can transform your logos or graphics into throwback style designs. These styles were based on handpicked t-shirts from that era with iconic patterns added to the mix.

    The pack contains 160 unique presets with 5 style variations for each NFL team. Simply drag the ASL file to the Photoshop icon and you're ready to go.

    As a bonus, it also includes a 90s NFL Design Template PSD (Photoshop) file that includes all layers, effects and elements used in the graphic. Easy to follow installation and usage instructions included.

    Easy to follow installation and usage instructions included.

    9. Vintage Photo Selective Color Pack (Vol. 1)

    10 unique, Selective Color presets for Photoshop that instantly turn your full color photos into vintage style graphics.

    These are based on genuine, 90s t-shirts that I hand selected. This is the fastest way to make full-color photos look like authentic, vintage graphics.

    Watch a quick instructional video on using Selective Color below.


    10. Vintage Textures (Vol. 2)

    Back with another one! This time I've got 3 categories: Light, Medium and Heavy. So you'll always have the right texture for your project.

    Download includes 15 unique PSD files. Simply lay your chosen texture on top of your design as a multiply layer or layer mask. That's it! You can use multiple layers of the same texture to add even more grunge or even combine them.

    • 01 - Light Grain
    • 02 - Light Wood Streaks
    • 03 - Light Dusty Cracks
    • 04 - Light Simple Grunge
    • 05 - Light Denim
    • 06 - Medium Fabric Grunge
    • 07 - Medium Soft Crust
    • 08 - Medium Desert Dust
    • 09 - Medium Speckled Grunge
    • 10 - Medium Heather Fabric
    • 11 - Heavy Cracked Plastisol
    • 12 - Heavy Grunge Wall
    • 13 - Heavy Rough Wall
    • 14 - Heavy Wood Grain
    • 15 - Heavy Xerox

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        🤝 Instructional Videos Included: This bundle comes with instructional videos, hosted by FULLERMOE, to help guide you along. In addition, our Customer Support Team ( can be reached at any time.


        What is the difference between the Master Bundle and Master Bundle Deluxe? Both bundles contain over 1400 design tools, however the Deluxe version also includes: Lifetime Access (which means you get all future drops FREE), pre-made design templates, Font Files eBook, freelance legal templates and a few more goodies!

        Will this work for Procreate, Affinity, Corel, etc? Some will! However, the majority of these kits were created specifically with Photoshop in mind. Please read the product description to ensure it will be suitable for your needs.

        Can I use this on my tablet or mobile device? We do not recommend that, for a couple reasons. One, the file is very large and will most likely not fit on a tablet or mobile device. Two, Photoshop is very different on table or mobile. For that reason, many of the products will not work properly. We highly recommend only using on laptop or desktop.

        How big is the file? Remember, this thing is PACKED with design tools - so it's pretty big! As of now, the Master Bundle comes in at 13 GB. That means you'll need a good internet connection and plenty of storage. Trust us, it's worth it!

        Can I access my downloads at any time? Yes! Simply create and login to your account to access your content. If you exceed your download limit (10) you will receive a message. Simply reach out to and you'll be taken care of.