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Being timeless means you’re always on time. Capture the essence of days’ past with my Vintage Textures 2-Pack. A total of 30 unique vintage textures, each with its own authentic worn-in vibe, special imperfections and original details that’ll add some throwback flair to your next project.

Download includes:

Vintage Textures (Vol. 1)

If you're trying to catch a vintage vibe, a good texture can be everything. These are the exact textures I've used to create t-shirts for iconic artists like Wu-Tang Clan, Nirvana, Iron Maiden, Ozzy Osbourne and many others.

  • 01 - Vintage Dusty Chunks
  • 02 - Vintage Dusty Streaks
  • 03 - Vintage Wood
  • 04 - Vintage Medium Denim
  • 05 - Vintage Soft Grunge
  • 06 - Vintage Sparse Grunge
  • 07 - Vintage Plastisol
  • 08 - Vintage Rough Wall
  • 09 - Vintage Metal Scratches
  • 10 - Vintage Speckled Grunge
  • 11 - Vintage Super Dust
  • 12 - Vintage Vertical Streaks
  • 13 - Vintage Fabric
  • 14 - Vintage Vertical Grain
  • 15 - Vintage Crackle


Vintage Textures (Vol. 2)

Back with another one! This time I've got 3 categories: Light, Medium and Heavy. So you'll always have the right texture for your project.

Download includes 15 unique PSD files. Simply lay your chosen texture on top of your design as a multiply layer or layer mask. That's it! You can use multiple layers of the same texture to add even more grunge or even combine them.

  • 01 - Light Grain
  • 02 - Light Wood Streaks
  • 03 - Light Dusty Cracks
  • 04 - Light Simple Grunge
  • 05 - Light Denim
  • 06 - Medium Fabric Grunge
  • 07 - Medium Soft Crust
  • 08 - Medium Desert Dust
  • 09 - Medium Speckled Grunge
  • 10 - Medium Heather Fabric
  • 11 - Heavy Cracked Plastisol
  • 12 - Heavy Grunge Wall
  • 13 - Heavy Rough Wall
  • 14 - Heavy Wood Grain
  • 15 - Heavy Xerox

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Will this work for Procreate, Affinity, Corel, etc? Some will! However, the majority of these kits were created specifically with Photoshop in mind. Please read the product description to ensure it will be suitable for your needs.

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