Vintage Textures (Vol. 1)

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These are the exact textures I've used to create t-shirts for iconic artists like Wu-Tang Clan, Nirvana, Def Leppard, KISS and many others.

Download includes 15 unique PSD files. Simply lay your chosen texture on top of your design as a multiply layer or layer mask. That's it! You can use multiple layers of the same texture to add even more grunge or even combine them.

Kit includes:

  • 1. Vintage Dusty Chunks
  • 2. Vintage Dusty Streaks
  • 3. Vintage Wood
  • 4. Vintage Medium Denim
  • 5. Vintage Soft Grunge
  • 6. Vintage Sparse Grunge
  • 7. Vintage Plastisol
  • 8. Vintage Rough Wall
  • 9. Vintage Metal Scratches
  • 10. Vintage Speckled Grunge
  • 11. Vintage Super Dust
  • 12. Vintage Vertical Streaks
  • 13. Vintage Fabric
  • 14. Vintage Vertical Grain
  • 15. Vintage Crackle

    Check out the short video below on how to use textures in Photoshop.

    Check out the video below to see how easy these design tools are to use